There are many patients around the world interested in plastic surgery in Argentina. This is due in part to the excellent training of its surgeons and the moderate costs involved.

Dr. Alvarez Federico ´s practice is truly international therefore our staff are familiar with common concerns for overseas patients. Our idea is to provide all the elements for a foreign patient to feel at home at every moment and to work closely with the patient in order to provide tailor-made solutions so as to obtain gratifying results.

Typically, when a patient located out of our town is interested in a consultation, he or she is advised to send photos to the office and any information that may be useful for the Doctor. (Photos must be from the front, obliques and sides).

Upon receipt of said photos Dr. Federico Alvarez will schedule a consultation e-mail or skype call to answer all questions about the procedure, recovery and costs.

All matters relating to travel, transportation within the city, and stay for the patient and for an eventual companion will be carefully organized for your well-being and comfort.

The doctor and his team will maintain regular contact both prior to and after your surgery answering all your questions by phone or e-mail. Please, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Alvarez Federico

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